SEO: Get in the top of Google.

If you want to be in the first Google results, you should consider SEO as part of your marketing campaign.

SEO, Search engine optimization or search engine optimization, is the development of a series of tasks that allow better ranking in sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. It is a continuous improvement process that requires research and attention to detail to find and match as much as possible terms or phrases that are used in search engines..

  • We prioritize content.
  • We create an accessible HTML code.
  • We create a site content map.

SEM: Get visibility with Google ads.

SEM seeks greater visibility through paid ad campaigns.

We improve the positioning of our pages through the payment of advertisements. In some places, SEM can be taken as a broad concept that also encompasses SEO, and usually the optimizers deal with these two issues. But it is important to distinguish between them.

we talk about smart buying. For example, do not direct our users to landing pages that do not really explain or respond to the query they made in the search engine. Knowing how to organize the different types of Ads and where to place the ads or at what time, is crucial.

When a Google search is performed, the results that appear at the top and right side of the screen next to the yellow 'Advertisement' tag are part of SEM campaigns. Those results are there because they have been bid for a number of keywords and paid for clicks.

Features of our SEO and SEM services

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